Besides OEM for customer’s private projects, relying on our experience since 2003, we are also specialized in custom- er’s ODM projects on mobile accesso- ries products such as power banks, cables, wireless charger. For customers having their own brand positioning, we can always provide comprehensive one-stop ODM services to fulfill custom- er's needs.

The simplified briefs of our ODM proce- dure, it will be firstly start with NDA, 2. Customer provides us their product design draft, 3. Product design discus- sion, 4. Exterior 3D modeling, 5. Exterior 3D printing, 6. Building internal 3D struc- ture, 7. PCB design, 8. PCB layout, 9. Plastic injection mold tooling, 10. Prepro- duction sample approval, 11. Pilot run, 12. Safety certificates application, 13. Mass production, 14. Packaging printing, 15. Production ready, 16. Logistic and shipping. Throughout all the process, we always work tightly with our customer to ensure the best performance and expec- tations.

In addition to ODM projects, we also have abundant experience in building SKD (Semi Knock Down) products ser- vice. We can design the most simplified assembly process for our customers, so that customers can complete the end products in the most efficient way in the local.

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