Why Choose TROLAX

Trolax is a company specializing in mobile phone accessories and computer peripherals. Established in 2003 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with a factory production line located in Shenzhen, China, Trolax boasts a total workforce of 350 employees, as well as an in-house SMT layout which has passed ISO900 and an ERP manufacturing system. Trolax is committed to creative innovation, design, R&D, production to packaging, warehousing, and logistics.

Our mission is to deliver a superior, more practical and more efficient customer experience with high-end products and impeccable service. Our customers in the mobile accessories market are located in Apple stores, online shops and local retail channels all over the world.

Trolax is an authorized MFI (Made for Apple) manufacturer, and a long-term cooperative supplier of Apple products. Because we are committed to meeting environmental protection and national safety regulations, our priority is always to produce products with approved “green” materials that comply with standards set by prominent safety labs to ensure that our products achieve both consumer satisfaction and safety.

To fulfill the various needs of our clients, we provide our customers with customized OEM and private label solutions for a variety of mobile accessories, such as power banks, cables, chargers, etc.

We also provide professional ODM or SKD solutions for specific customers’ needs, such as initial 3D modeling, injection mold development, circuit board design, safety application, additional packaging, and display stand operations with our high-quality, private printers. We also provide 3D product images and arts services, which delivers the greatest convenience and savings for our customers’ marketing budgets.

Our expert services enable us to save our customer’s time and money while meeting their needs and solving their every problem in the area of communication. We work with numerous Chinese factories to provide top-quality service in all areas. For products we don’t produce, our integrated team is able to customize services, and always under our exacting inspection supervision.

We can either produce products with the elite manufacturers we are associated with, or outsource projects to the most suitable factories. Our goals at Trolax are to meet our customers’ every need and handle every project efficiently, with the highest quality assurance, and at the most competitive rates.

Wishing the greatest success to our customers.

Your best business partner in Taiwan / China